RV «Akademik Tryoshnikov»

The research vessel was built in 2012 at Admiralty Shipyards, JSC in St. Petersburg.

Vessel's captains: Sergei Lukyanov, Sergei Dyachkin, Dmitry Karpenko.


Maximum length, m 133,53
Maximum width, m 23,25
Speed 16 knots
Crew 60 people
Scientific staff 80 people
Ice class Arc7
Displacement, t 16539
Draught according to water line, m 8,5

The RV ‘Akademik Tryoshnikov’ has 10 stationary laboratories onboard: oceanological “wet” and “dry” laboratory, oceanographic laboratory with a freezer, hydrochemical laboratory, environmental laboratory, hydroacoustic laboratory, meteosynoptic laboratory, laboratory for receiving satellite hydrometeorological data, central computer and ice load laboratory. As well as four mobile container laboratories: for oceanological, ice, geophysical, biological and atmospheric research.

The helicopter facility is capable of receiving and maintaining Ka-32 helicopters. Two helipads allow cargo operations to be carried out both from the stern and from the vessel’s forecastle. A diving station is set up to inspect the underwater part of the vessel.

The vessel was named after Professor Alexei Fedorovich Tryoshnikov, an oceanologist, a Doctor of Geographical Sciences, a head of the drifting station “Severny Polyus -3” (North Pole-3), a Hero of Socialist Labor, an academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a president of the Geographical Society and a director of the AARI.



  • The vessel underwent full-scale ice tests in the Bellingshausen and Weddell seas during its first voyage to Antarctica.


  • The Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition (ACE), the first round-the-world scientific expedition to completely circumnavigate Antarctica, was organized on board. The route passed through the main sub-Antarctic islands: Marion, Crozet, Kerguelen, Heard, MacDonald, Macquarie, Mertz, Scott, Balleny, Peter I, Diego Ramirez, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and Bouvet. In 2018, AARI received the prestigious national Crystal Compass Award for conducting the Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition.


  • Participation in the first stage of the sea expedition TRANSARCTIC 2019. The ship was frozen in ice, and an ice camp was set up nearby. The opening of the Severny Polyus-2019 drifting research station took place on March, 30. The drift lasted a little over a month.


  • Participation in the international scientific expedition MOSAiC.


By Sergei Kashin, Sergei Nikolaev, Marina Morina
RV «Akademik Tryoshnikov»